Local Information


Mendigorria has a population of 1000 inhabitants. Local amenities include convinience stores, bars, library, civic centre, public swimming pool and health centre. The village is situated 5 Km from the A-12 road and 15 minutes drive from Pamplona. It is situated in the Middle Zone of Navarra, characterised by its typical landscape of gentle hills and large cultivated areas of cereal fields and vineyards. From East to West, it is crossed by the Pilgrimage Route (Camino de Santiago) and many small villages and historic monuments and churches can be found in the area.

Places of interest: Ruinas de la ciudad romana de Andelos, con museo arqueológico (a 4 Km). Cerco de Artajona: Conjunto amurallado medieval. Dolmen de Farangortea. (a 8 km). Puente la Reina: Centro neurálgico del Camino de Santiago (a 5 km). Santa María de Eunate: Iglesia románica de planta octogonal del siglo XII (9 km).   Pamplona. Sierra de Urbasa, Estella, Monasterios Iranzu e Iratxe. Palacio Real de Olite. Tafalla.